Sing Me To Heaven

Sing Me To Heaven

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Hymns Erased the Confusion in his Mind

My father suffered from dementia for years. He loved to hear music. Later, in a nursing home, my mother played hymns for him. They held hands and enjoyed peaceful interludes. When my mother sang to him, he smiled. As time progressed, he would close his eyes as he listened. For my mother, the lyrics took on new meaning. Thus, “Sing Me To Heaven” was born.

Whether you are caring for your spouse, a parent, or even a paid position, the video available with this book will bring peace to your patient. Read the book to find more meaning in the hymns yourself.

Our readers have this to say:

  • I loved the book, 'Sing me to Heaven'. It was inspiring and informative. Although I had heard many of the hymn stories I really liked the personal things and the relevant scripture. 
  • The author seems like an awesome God-fearing lady. 
  • Overall a lovely idea and beautifully expressed.

Check out “Sing Me To Heaven” today and fill your home with peace!

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