Gentleness Daily Prayer Guide

His Gentle and Quiet Voice

Lord God, thank You for Your gentle, quiet voice. You are my shepherd. You care for me always. I turn toward You and receive Your gentle correction. You pour out Your Spirit on me. Lord, You share Your wise words with me to redirect my life. You assure me with gentle, tender, and kind words.

Restore in a Spirit of Gentleness

Lord God, we, Your people, are hurting. We have lost our way. Show us Your grace and mercy, and forgive our sins in the name of Jesus Christ. Help me to guide others back to Your gentle care. You hear our cries of dismay and confusion. We long for You.

Heal Your people, Lord God Almighty. Your power cleanses us and restores our souls. But Your unconditional and unfailing love is filled with gentleness. You hold us close like a newborn baby. Your protection surrounds us as You fill our hearts and minds with Your words. We turn to You, Lord God. You are our refuge and a shield of love. Thank You, Lord, for Your gentleness in dealing with us.

God’s love is gentle and kind

His Gentle, Quiet Voice
His Gentle and Loving Spirit
His Gentle Rule
He is Gentle and Humble of Heart
His Gentle Correction
His Gentle Hand
Keep Your Gentle Nature
Retore in a Spirit of Gentleness

Gentleness Daily Prayer Guide

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