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Junior Snippets Volume Two from the year 2020

Junior Snippets Volume Two – Get it Now!

The newest launch of children’s devotions is here. Get Junior Snippets Volume Two Now!

These devotions were written in 2020, the year infamously known for the Covid-19 pandemic. It was amazing to revisit these snippets and realize the hope, faith, and joy that permeate each one—and this was in spite of the turmoil we all faced.

I love to read these verses and prayers again and again. I feel the hope of Christ Jesus. And I rejoice in the joy of the Lord.

Children’s devotions for our times

It is still a time of uncertainty, with floods, fires, drought, and disasters filling the earth. And there are wars and rumors of wars. But! But we have a God who is the Almighty Eternal One. Our faith is rooted in the Unchanging One who provides for and keeps us safe.

Junior Snippets are for all ages

Even if you don’t have children or grandchildren to share the Junior Snippets with, these short devotions are filled with encouraging words and prayers.

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