Gifts to Promote Wellness

Gifts to Promote WellnessWhy give gifts to promote wellness? To give healthfulness to your family and friends which lasts into the New Year! Gifting wellness are gifts that promote healthy foods and healthy lifestyles. From gym memberships to vitamins and essential oils. You can help your loved ones toward a brighter new year.

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Personally, I use bone broth every morning to help my immunity as well as my digestive systems. My food allergies keep me from enjoying too many favorite holiday foods. And when I stray, I need quick resources to get back on track.

Gifts to Promote Wellness

Exercise is always on my mind. The medications I’m on lead to joint pain so daily movement is necessary. From stretching on my yoga mat to walking with good shoes, I want to make sure I move every day.

I drink water constantly, but I don’t always want to refill my bottle. I moved to these glass bottles which allow me to use essential oils in my water, like lemon or peppermint!

But I also need to eat healthy. This means choosing organic foods and uncured meats. The fresher the foods, the better I do. I see a difference within minutes of eating the wrong meal. My body feels sluggish, sleepy, and slightly ill. I’m bloated and just want to lie down in a fetal position. Or I have a quick reaction and have to rush to a restroom. Fortunately, many places do home delivery so even a busy person can have fresh fruits and vegetables available.

What do you like to eat? How can a recipe be changed to fit your dietary needs? My daughter and I create meal plans centered around our food allergies and our schedules. Check out recipes and snacks here. (coming soon.)

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