God’s Love

God’s Love Floods Us and Brings Comfort to Our Hearts

Lord, I bless You with my whole heart and soul. I praise the Eternal God with my mind and my will. Every day I sing a new song from my grateful heart. I will never forget all You have done for me.

You have forgiven me of my sins despite my many offenses. Thank You, Lord. for You have healed my loved ones and me. You redeem my life from the destructive effects of this sinful world. Thank You, Lord, for delivering me from death.

Thank you for your loving kindnesses and tender mercies. I am satisfied daily by Your grace, unfailing love, and compassion.

You restore me with strength and refresh my mind. I am filled with good and beautiful things. You satisfy me as long as I live.

Thank You, Lord, for restoring justice in my life and world. You bring righteousness each day. Thank you for making things right for those wronged, enslaved, raped, or murdered.

God's Love is Rich in Understanding

Lord, help me to keep Your commandments. Your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting. Your unfailing love is always and eternal for me. Your righteousness and justice extend to future generations.

I will keep Your bond of love and remember to walk with the guidance of Your commands. You hold me in Your everlasting arms. Thank you for the shelter You provide me. You give me double my share and joy everlasting.

You, Lord, love justice. Thank You for rewarding those who do just things. You are my God, and I belong to You, Lord. Thank You, Lord, for drawing me close to You. You never stop blessing me with good things. I will not turn my back on You. You make me strong and live in my heart.

Lord, You bring plentiful gifts, and I have an intimate relationship with You and Your Son, Jesus. I sow seeds into Your Holy Spirit. You call me to Your everlasting presence through Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord, for restoring,
supporting and strengthening me.

God’s Love Focused on Us

God’s love: floods us and brings comfort to our hearts – soothing company – brings everlasting life – patient and kind – has no arrogance – focused on us – rich in understanding – surpasses all
by Anna K Payne

God’s love focused on us

God loves us. He gave His only and beloved son as the sacrifice for our sins. Jesus willingly became a man and laid down His life.

God’s love brings comfort to our hearts, and it is a soothing company to us daily. Because of His love, we have eternal life.

His love has no arrogance. God’s love is patient and kind. It is rich in understanding.

The Eternal God of heaven surpasses all we can ask or imagine. Thank you, O God Almighty, for loving us!

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