Grace and Mercy Daily Prayer Guide

Protection for Everyday

God gives us Mercy, Unfailing Love, and Great Compassion to Blot out our Transgressions

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my cries. Your great mercy is poured out on my family and me. I humble myself and mourn the actions I have taken. Your mercy comes to me, God. And my soul is safe within You. You are the guardian of my life. I have protection in the shade of Your wings.

You extend mercy to my family. I am Your choice. You settle me in comfort and rest in my own home. Others will want to be near me because of Your blessings. I see my salvation coming. My liberation is on the way. God’s reward is with Him, and I work by His side.

I remember Your enduring love, O Eternal One, and why I praise You. You give good gifts to me. Your wonders and goodness are for my benefit. This is because of Your great mercy and compassion through Your Son, Jesus Christ.

The sacrifice of Jesus atones for my sins through faith. His blood is the demonstration of Your restorative justice in my life. You, Lord, are faithful. I thank You, Lord, that Your mercy has nothing to do with my will or what I do. It is based solely on the righteousness of Jesus Christ. I stay strong and productive through faith. I don’t think too highly of myself. I stand in awe of Your mercy.

Every day I encourage others as You guide my words. You bless me so that I can be generous with others. I am cheerful in sharing Your mercy for Your children. Because of Your mercy, I am not discouraged. Your message stirs and directs me and helps me fight evil.

I trust my future to Your judgment and mercy. Lord, You are not slow to act, but You are patient toward me. You guide me to turn away from my path and follow Your path. I will pursue those who need You, Lord, and bring them safely back to You. Show us Your mercy, O Lord.

We Give to Others a Sense of Propriety or Right, Confer Dignity or Honor

Lord, help me to be clothed in strength and dignity. Thank You that I have nothing to fear. Protect my future and show me how to help others. Thank You, Lord, that in calamity, You protect us, and in famine, You feed us. Keep me from thinking too highly of myself so that I can spread Your love and compassion.

Thank You, Lord, for blessing us with abundant produce. You bless everything we do, and we celebrate You. Lord, thank You for setting me apart for Your service.

I thank You, Eternal God, for Your justice, and I sing praises to Your honor, O Most High. You teach me Your ways because You are good and honorable. I wait for You, Lord, hoping, trusting, knowing You keep me safe. You have heard my cries for help. I honor You, O Eternal One.

Lord, I am still and calm before You. I see and understand You are the True God. I honor You, O Lord. I raise my voice joyfully and loudly, giving honor to You, God.

Lord, when I am in trouble, I call for You. You come and rescue me, and I honor You. You invite me near, into Your courts. I feast on the goodness of Your house.

There is no one like You, O God. You are the only True Eternal One. You save us, and Your name is glorified. You pull us up, deliver us, and forgive us for Your name’s sake. I sing with joy to You, God. You are my strength and fortress.
Lord, all peoples of the earth come to You. They bow before You and honor Your name. You are our refuge. We call You, and You answer us. You are with us through the hard times. You rescue us and honor us. You are our home.
Lord, all honor and majesty belong to You. Strength and beauty infuse Your holy sanctuary. We credit You with glory, honor, and strength, O Lord. Your power is evident to the world when You save us. Glory to Your name.

Lord, let me be known for giving freely to the poor. Your righteousness endures, and my strength and power are established in You. I honor You, Eternal One, for it is delightful to sing Your praises. I am at home in Your presence.
Thank You, Lord, for bringing back legislators who have integrity, principled decision-makers. You make our home full of ethics, trust, and strength.

Thank You, Lord, for helping me determine fairness and equity. Thank You, God, for having me consider more than what meets the eye. You help me weigh in more than what I’m told so that I honor You in my dealing with others.
Lord, help my heart draw near to You. Prevent my worship from being a meaningless sham. Teach me to have noble intentions and stand confidently by my honorable words and actions.

Lord, teach me to be kind, upstanding, and honorable. Lord, I love You and long to be near You. Lord, help me not to be religious, following traditions and customs. But allow me to honor You with my life.

The God Who Rescues Me

God gives us: Mercy, Sanctification, Unlimited Favor, and Faithlessness; We give others: Kindness, Compassion, Dignity, and Charm.
by Anna K Payne

The God Who Rescues Me

Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, God’s grace and mercy fill my life.

God’s faithfulness reaches the stars. It is new every morning and satisfies us through the night.

Through His grace and mercy, we can offer others kindness and compassion.

God’s love in our hearts allows us to show others dignity and honor.

Grace and Mercy Daily Prayer Guide
Grace and Mercy Goals Affirmation Journal
Mercy and Grace

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