Grace and Mercy Goals Affirmation Journal Available

Grace and Mercy Goals Affirmation Journal

The Grace and Mercy Goals Affirmation Journal is now available on Amazon, including Kindle Unlimited. There are four versions of this journal: the 5×8 pocketbook size to carry with you during the day; the 8×10 notebook size for the desk journal to help you organize your day; the Kindle version so you can read on your Kindle app; and the fillable printable PDF for those who want to make their notebook or go completely digital and fill in your notes directly in the PDF.

All the Affirmation Journals are centered around a topic and can be used with the additional free resources found on the Get Freebies page. Each topic has a verse calendar and a Daily Prayer Guide available for download.

Are you ready to try these scriptural topical affirmation journals? Click here to check it out.

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