Gratitude Daily Prayer Guide

Give Thanks to God for Who He Is

I am thankful that You, God, are love. Help me to love others with Your love. You have dominion over my hands, lips, and head. You determine what my hair looks like. Thank You, Lord, for Your attention to me. Thank you for forgiving me of my sins. Lord, thank You that You are a God of love. You show us how to love with kindness and gentleness. You rule over all of creation, and You rule over me. You are a God of mercy. You are Jesus, the Anointed One, the Liberating King, and the Son of God. You have made us Your true family.

Thank You, Lord, for bringing us to completion and sending Your son to us. You turned our hearts back to our children. You change the hearts of the disobedient to think of justice and goodness. You came Lord, Jesus, to be Your Father’s representative to the poor. Father God, You sent Jesus to free those held captive. You sent Jesus to liberate the oppressed and make the blind see.

Lord, You forgive us our sins. You associate with sinners and love them. Help me to be like You. Help me to love my enemies and do good without restraint. Thank You for Your kindness. You give authority and power to free people from demonic spirits and heal them of disease.

Lord, You and Your angels overflow with joy when even one sinner turns to You. Lord God, You speak what is right and show no partiality to anyone. Lord Jesus, thank You for being the Lamb of God and for the sacrifice to erase my sins.

Lord God, You are spirit, and You give living water. Lord Jesus, You listen to the directions of the Father God and act on them.
Thank You, our Creator God, You pursue us and bring us into a restored and healthy relationship with You through Christ. You are worthy of eternal blessing.

Give Thanks to God for His Presence

Lord, You direct me on the path to a beautiful life. As I walk with You, I know true joy and contentment. I am awed by You, O Lord. I stand before You in Your presence. I shake with astonishment in Your presence. I feast on Your Word and drink in Your presence.

You provide Your Word, so I always have a way to know Your will and make sound decisions. Lord, You meet with me and talk with me. Your presence travels with me, and You give me rest. Thank you, Lord, that Your presence covers me by day and shines for me in the darkness.

Thank You, Great God, that Your enemies scatter before You. Your opponents flee from Your presence. Keep me close to Your side. Your presence is brilliant and is enough for me. I gather my family together to celebrate all You have done for us. You have blessed our steps and helped us to accomplish so much.

Lord, I gather with my family and friends to celebrate Your presence. This way, I remember You are my God, and I am Yours. I grow in Your presence, Eternal One. Thank You, Lord, that I can look on Your face. You satisfy the longing of my soul. I find joy in Your presence.

Thank You, Lord God Eternal

Give thanks to God for who He is, for who I am in Christ, for His Presence, for answered prayers, for His provision, for His path for me, for others, and by serving others.
by Anna K Payne

Thank You, Lord God Eternal

Gratitude is an attitude fostered by our trust and faith in God. Because of who He is, He made us who we are in Christ.

Because of who we are in Christ, we are thankful to God for His presence, for answered prayers, and for His provision for us.

He leads us on His path for us and helps us be thankful for the others in our lives. We show Him our gratitude through praise and by serving others.

Graitude Daily Prayer Guide
Gratitude Goals Affirmations Journal

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