Greatest is Love

Greatest is Love 1 Corinthians 13 There is faith, hope, and love but the greatest is love.

There is faith, hope, and love, but the greatest is love.

“We are two different people!” she cried and stomped away, leaving the other woman in shock and tears. 

A presence filled the hallway with gentle and kind words. “You are my child. I love you. What has happened?”

The woman sighed, “You already know what happened. You are God, the Holy Spirit.” She smiled, “I guess I tried too hard to get her to listen to me. She wouldn’t allow certain people in her classroom. And those people are hurting because of it.”

“Yes, you might have been a little tough on her. She’s had a hard week and needs space. I’m talking with her now. She feels guilty for yelling at you.” The presence said.

“Oh, I don’t want that. Where is she?” the woman walked quickly in search of her.

She walked into a darkened room and found her friend crying. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry I pushed at you.” The women embraced.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” She sniffed.

“Okay, I’m listening. What is going on with you?” The woman felt the presence surround them and smiled.

“I’m so tired. I wanted the class to be simple, and I was worried more people would change how we do the class.” She sat up and wiped her face. “I didn’t think about how everyone would react. It was a fearful thing to do. Thank you for talking to me about it.”

“Tell me about your class, then.” The woman said.

Conflict Resolution

How should we approach conflict and pursue a resolution couched in love? It takes the leading of the Holy Spirit working through us in love. Love is essential to make our relationships work. Even if we approach things differently or our personalities clash over details, God can help us see the importance of our relationship. We might be very different. We might not have anything in common other than our belief in God. But we can come to appreciate and enjoy others because God’s love works through us.

But I’m important too

Even if we can speak many languages or even the exotic languages of heavenly messengers, what does that matter? If my attitude or my actions hurt people, then anything I say is lost on them. Even if it is straight from God, they won’t hear me. I must remember to speak with love.

What if I am given prophetic messages or knowledge in the mysteries of life? What if my faith can move a mountain, but if I share these things without love, I am as nothing? Who will listen to me or be grateful if I hurt others in the process? 

If I gave everything I had to help the marginalized or decided to sacrifice myself to make a point, but not with love? Then, nothing is gained by what I do. Love must permeate every part of me to affect my actions in each moment.

I need love in every part of me

So, how can I know what love is? In 1 Corinthians 13, a simple list shows what love is, how love acts, and how it feels. But only God working through us by the Holy Spirit makes it possible.

Love is patient. Yes, one of the fruits of the Spirit, patience is a hard one with which to start. But patience is crowded with kindness, which is another fruit. Sometimes, relaxing with a smile reminds us to be kind. Then, patience is not far behind. 

What love isn’t

Love isn’t envious, doesn’t boast, brag, or strut about. You see, there’s no arrogance in love. It’s never rude, crude, or indecent – it’s not self-absorbed. Think of your mother or grandmother. Would they appreciate your attitude? If someone you cared about saw you in action, would you cringe? If you continue doing these things, the shame will fall away to be replaced with a stone heart.

Love isn’t easily upset. It doesn’t keep a list of wrongs or celebrate injustice. Being upset isn’t wrong, but if people have to tiptoe around you, not knowing how you will react, you might be easily upset. And that is not what God’s love is.

Truth is a delight

Love glories in truth. When truth is spoken, love rejoices. Love isn’t interested in lies. Love walks hand in hand with truth.

Love will put up with anything. Nothing that comes along will cause love to waver. Love trusts. Love hopes. And love endures no matter what. We ask the Holy Spirit to show us how to trust, hope, and endure in our daily lives. We lean into Jesus and his righteousness.

Will love ever become yesterday’s news?

No, love will never become obsolete. God’s love is here to stay. For all of eternity, we can walk in God’s love. 

As for gifts of knowledge, prophecy, and wisdom, they won’t be needed in the new Kingdom of God. In the perfection and fullness of time, we will see Jesus’s face. We will fully know God as God has wholly known us. 

The Greatest is Love

One day soon, when Jesus returns for us, all will pass away. All except faith, hope, and love will be gone. So, let faith, hope, and love characterize our lives. But the greatest of all is love.

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