Haven of rest, fantasy or reality

haven of rest AP CreationsA toddler’s smile and laughter relax every generation. The house might be a mess but if people love each other with respect, it doesn’t matter. Listening and calm exchanges are the priority. Housekeeping and chores take a back seat. The house might suffer but the people flourish. It is a haven of rest for them.

What is a haven of rest?

It’s a dream come true. Happy children. Happy spouse. The relaxed atmosphere of a home filled with love. People sharing their feelings and listening with interest. Respectful exchanges of information and requests for what is needed.

What does it take to make a haven of rest?

Creating a haven of rest begins with you and God. Only God can give us the strength, patience, kindness, and gentleness we need.

Depending on where your home relationships are right now, love and respect, calm and patience, kindness and gentleness begins with you.

  • Ask God for the strength to speak quietly and respectfully with one another
  • Listen to the person in your home. Really stop and listen. Watch their expressions and body language.
  • Offer hugs and smiles
  • Ask for a serious talk, some time alone with each person in the home. Then listen to them without judgement.

These things are the beginning. Making it known you want to listen and you love them unconditionally will change their attitudes. Attitudes change before behavior.

Maintaining a haven of rest

Once the house becomes a place the family wants to reside, how do you keep it that way? Do you ignore any potential problems? No!

Each discussion in the house should begin with love and respect. Once an issue is identified, approach it with a calm, listening attitude. Pray together and ask for God’s leading.

When someone is sick or upset, give them room to feel bad. Hug them. Take care of them. Love them but respect their need for space. Treat them how you want to be treated. Spread kindness.

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