Hearing His Voice

Hearing His Voice - Hear God's voice with AnnaDo you want to hear God’s voice? How badly do you want it? Are you willing to put in the time so you are hearing His voice? Do you want to hear God’s voice with Anna?

Meredith Smith has created an awesome plan which helps you meet Jesus in the garden of promise, His promises help you!

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Faced with several challenges, Meredith knew she needed God’s presence and guidance to survive. She implemented the journey outlined in the book in her own life. Follow this same journey using the extra times of prayer she describes.

Get this book, currently 99 cents, and join me on a 21 day journey. November will be a particularly busy time for me. I’ll be on vacation and visiting family. I’ll be preparing to publish more books. And I’ll be preparing for the New Year and listening for His voice. Hear God’s voice with Anna!

Let’s get ready for 2018 – hear God’s voice with Anna.

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Prepare to hear God’s voice. Check out these tools below. I love having a fresh notepad or notebook to write in and some gel pens to write with. Also, I’ll be making sure I have a Bible I can underline verses in. I want to be ready to hear God whether I have internet or not!

If you are looking for a different type of journey, check out my other devotional books.

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