Hiding Place Daily Prayer Guide

Pray This Everyday

Thank You, Lord, for being my stronghold. I take refuge in You. You rescue me, shield me, and save me from violence. You are the One True God. Thank You, Lord, for holding me in Your soft embrace.

Thank You, Lord, for watching over my soul. Help me face shame and defeat Unashamed because You are my refuge. You liberate me, and I am not condemned. The Eternal God and Most High are my only home. Your promise and oath are unchanging. It is impossible for You to lie. So I seize the hope set before me.

Today, You, God Eternal, are my shelter when I am miserable. You are my refuge in troubling times. Even in the heaviest storm, You provide me with rest and protection. I am set safely away from my enemies. You are my liberator, and all see Your marvelous love for me. I am the apple of Your eye, welcomed by grace. I am sheltered in the shadow of Your wings.

The Lord is My Hiding Place

Even at the end of my rope, the Eternal God comes to rescue me, and Your answer finds me. You are the one, True God. Your house is my secret retreat where I find peace even in a storm or turmoil. Safety sits with me in my hiding place of God. I am high above the fray.

O Eternal One, You are my soul’s sanctuary. You shield me from shame and rescue me by Your righteousness. You hear me, Lord. You save me. You hide me safe from the conspiracies of men. I am safe from the slander of accusing tongues.

O True God, Your love is strong and precious. I run to You. You free me from evildoers because I seek You. When troubles seem near me, God is nearer and ready to help. The Eternal God, Commander of heavenly armies, surrounds me and protects me. I am close to His heart.

I sing of Your strength. I awake and sing of Your loving mercy. In my most troubled hour, You defend me and are my shelter. I depend on You, God, for my salvation and significance. You are the core of my strength. I have faith in You in all circumstances.

I delight in God, the Eternal, and I take shelter in Him. You shield me from humiliation and disgrace. Your justice saves me. You hear me when I cry out to You. You are my solid ground. You are my soul’s asylum because You know me. I place all my trust in You, the Almighty God.

Lord God, You are my citadel, my tower of strength, and my deliverer. You are my shield. You care for me and hold me close.

Me from Temptations, Changes My Sinful Desires to be Pure and Holy

Lord God, I run away from youthful desires. I direct my passion to chase after Your righteousness, faithfulness, love, and peace. O Anointed One, I seek You as a faithful priest. I do what You desire and purpose in Your heart and mind. You build me a secure house, and I am before You continually.

Eternal God, You see me. I understand Your true wisdom and desire to know You. I wish to live with You all of my days. I want to behold Your beauty and ponder Your ways with Your people. Your gifts come to me, and they are all I desire.

I take great joy in You, Eternal God. You know all my desires. You hear my moans. There is nothing on earth I desire other than You. You give me food blessings to fill my stomach. Lord, don’t allow my deepest desires to steer me toward what is wrong.

Your Godly desires are all I want. You meet my desires with Your open hand. You satisfy my desires. You hear my cries for help. You bring me Your salvation.

I have an intense desire to know You, Eternal One. I am Yours, and You are my God. I come to You completely. I am united with Your people behind the desire and purpose of worshipping You.

Lord Jesus, help me pursue Your agenda and what God desires. You energize me, and I desire and do what pleases You. I am charging ahead to gain whatever You, Anointed One, have in store for me. Nothing will stand in my way because You have grabbed me and won’t let me go.

Lord God, I say, Come. Come quickly now. I drink freely from the water of life. You are my Lord and Savior.

You are my Hiding Place
Protector – Shepherd – Shelter – Refuge – Deliverer – Peace-Giver – Fortress
by Anna K Payne

Do you know the song, You are my hiding place?

I love this song; it is taken from Psalm 32:7 and always blesses my heart.
You are my hiding place; You always fill my heart; with songs of deliverance; whenever I am afraid.

The world is a scary place sometimes; lately, it seems always to be scary. So who can I turn to? My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my shelter, my protector, and my refuge. He makes me strong when I am weak. And He gives me His peace to dwell in safety.

Lord, I run to You and hide under the shadow of Your wings. You keep me safe from my enemies and hide me next to Your heart. Help me to trust in You every day.

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