Hiding Place Goals Affirmations Journal

Hiding Place Affirmation Journal

Welcome to the first affirmations journal! The Hiding Place Goals became one of the first new series of books.

Have you heard about the new affirmation journals? Each journal comes in 5×8 and 8×10 sizes (one is 7×10 too). Biblical affirmations, based on scriptures, are on every other page. A second page is there for you to make a to-do list, be grateful, or do whatever you need it to do.

Hiding Place Goals

My hope is that these affirmation journals will help you move past a rough period through the help of our Savior, Lord Jesus. Sometimes it takes little steps to get going again. And sometimes we struggle with different areas in our life.

The Hiding Place Goals Affirmations Journal surprised me. I looked at all the different ways God is our hiding place. But the most gratifying is knowing He is our shelter and refuge. He offers us shade from the heat and protection from the storm.

The Affirmations Journal series

The Hiding Place Goals is one of the first books in this series. It was created to help me dwell on biblical thoughts, encourage me, and get something done on my to-do list. You can find the Daily Prayer Guide for the Hiding Place topic in the Freebies Course.

Using the Affirmations Journal allows you to change your inner voice to encourage you to grasp the Lord’s promises. Using verses from a topic, I’ve created a list of genuine biblical affirmations.

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