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I Vibrate with Exuberant Hope and am Filled with Joy because God Dressed Me with Salvation and Righteousness

Lord, thank You for filling me with joy. I feel happiness rising in my heart. Thank You for giving me great delight and unrivaled joy. Even if I don’t have enough food or drink, Your joy does not falter.

I raise my voice to You, O God Eternal. I will praise You with beautiful noise. Lord, help me be careful to do what is right and fair. You are coming soon to save and rescue me. You, Lord, are my salvation. When I see the way You rescue me, my face will glow, and my heart will race with joy.

Lord, thank You for making me a place of lofty beauty, filled and overflowing with joy. You, Lord, have dressed me in the garment of salvation and wrapped me with the robe of righteousness. My soul vibrates with exuberant hope and joy because of You.

Thank You, God, that You have filled me with intense joy. You offer me to ask anything of You in Your name so that I will receive it.

Thank You, Lord, for considering me worthy to suffer disgrace for Your name’s sake. It filled me with joy.

I love to hear about Your children, Lord, walking in truth in the way the Father called us to live. I can rest and be refreshed in their presence and Your presence if God wills.

Lord God, hear my prayer. Come to me so I may rejoice in goodness. My soul calls God good, and I praise the Eternal. I declare my affection for You, Eternal One. You are my God. You are great and wrapped in glory.

Lord, You have taken away my guilt. In its place are Your purity and righteousness. I can stand in Your presence.

Hope in God Never Fails to Satisfy My Needs

God, You make my grass grow and provide food for my animals. I eat all I need, and I am satisfied. You bless me with an endless supply of everything I need. No one goes hungry.

You, Lord, provide Your blessings from heaven until all needs are satisfied. I, in turn, give so that others have what they need. Your love fills my heart through the Holy Spirit. The hope the Spirit brings me satisfies my most profound need.

You, my God and Father, have filled my bags with Your treasure. I am at peace. I neither worry nor am afraid. Thank You, Lord, for plenty of rain when the land needs it. Because of Your blessings, I have abundant crops, and my trees are filled with fruit.

Lord, You spread provisions before me, even while my enemies attack me. You care for all of my needs. Your grace fills my cup again and again. You soothe my mind. I raise my voice in thanks to You, the Eternal God.

Lord, remind me to provide for the poor. I want to do what is right and fair. You come to save me, and I've seen how You have rescued me. Help me cling to You, O Lord. Let me draw near to You. You fill my every need.

I know this in my heart: You fill my need according to Your glorious riches in Jesus, the Anointed, who is my Liberating King. You, my God, never fail or abandon me. I can be strong and brave. I don't tremble in fear. You go with me. You lead my way, and You are always with me. I will not be afraid.

My life is abundant because You care for me. I put my trust in Your kind love forever. Your love never fails, O Lord. You, Lord Jesus, are the hope of all my hopes. You are the dream of all my dreams. Lord, I praise You. You are
Wonderful, Counselor, everlasting, ever-present, and never-failing. 

Lord, Your leadership brings us prosperity and sustainable peace. Help our leaders not be perverted or shaken. Guide them to ensure justice without fail and absolute equity. You are merciful, O Eternal One. You forgive my wrongs when I fail and never mention my sins again. Lord, You are like the sun. You never fail to appear.

Hope is just around the corner.
Exuberant hope – strong and courageous – never fails to satisfy my needs – Joy and celebrations – live and wait in Him – a future – my hiding place and shelter – rejoice and pray through the hard times
by Anna K Payne

Hope is just around the corner

The anticipation of a desire fulfilled, a dream realized, of peace and safety finally reached; This is hope. When our hope is in God, we can be exuberant. We know God dresses us in His salvation and His righteousness.

When we hope in God, we can wait on Him because we know He satisfies our needs and shelters us. Even in the hard times, we pray to God in whom we have hope.

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