Hope Filled Oils

Hope Filled Oils - fighting allergensI’m allergic to the Santa Clarita Valley. It’s gorgeous, the beauty of flowering trees, bushes, and flowers are nearly year-round. And we live on the side of the valley with a lovely view. And the wind blows nearly 300 days a year. My existence turned mostly indoors for nearly the entire year because of cold, extreme heat, dust, and blowing pollen. Enter hope filled oils.

Essential Oils Gave Me Hope

When my niece opened a Facebook group and invited me in, I eagerly joined up. I explored the website and the products, knowing I could find a way to support my immune systems.

I discovered supplements to help support my digestive system. Edible essential oils were found in the vitality line. I can add lemon vitality to my water to prod myself to drink more. Diffusing essential oils to raises my mood. Some calm me down while others help me concentrate.

Fennel has become one of my favorite oils. I enjoy black licorice and this smells like it. But it calms down my digestive system to allow me to start my day earlier with less interruptions.

My food allergies are difficult to maintain. Sometimes I want to cheat a little. That’s when I depend on my supplements to help me survive!

Are Hope Filled Oils Right for You?

I buy from Young Living and find their oils are pure. If you are interested in trying some of the supplements or oils I use, check out my Young Living website.

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