At the beginning of the school year I traditionally pull out my favorite verses to remind me that God is in control and I am not, and I do not need to be in control. My verses begin with hope, move to rest, and the last verses revolve around peace.

That is because I tend to lose hope with the long days ahead staring me in the face. I get tired easily trying to keep up with the changes in my children’s schedules and the changes in my schedule. And I have usually lost my peace in the chaos of learning new routines and fitting in everything.

My favorite hope verse comes from Jeremiah. God says that he has plans for me. He does not plan to abandon me. He is with me everywhere and in every new thing. Even when I forget Him, He is there. He has plans to give me a future and a hope. And, whenever I call to him, He will listen to me.

In Psalm 33 David makes a statement of faith and hope. He says we are depending on God. God is everything we need. Our hearts brim with joy since we have chosen him. Love us God, with all you’ve got, that is what we are depending on.

So, this week, I will remember to hope. I have a God who has a future for me. I may not be walking in that future yet, but I am moving in that direction. I will listen to him and have joy in my heart – a decision I am making, my choice – I will have joy in my heart, because He loves me and He will not abandon me.

Jeremiah 29:11-12, Psalm 33:20-22

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