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How can I become a Prayer Warrior?

Five years ago, I began a journey of changes. It started with a vision from God. I stood at the top of a hill, staring off into a foggy valley. I could only see the first several hundred yards down into the valley before the fog blocked my view. This would be my path as I ask the question: “How can I become a Prayer Warrior?”

Be Strong and Courageous – take two

Be Strong and Courageous DevotionalsI held my husband’s hand and felt his presence next to me. I knew he would walk with me through the challenges to come. Even though we don’t have a perfect marriage, I know he loves me and I love him. He was the one chosen for me by God. A man of strength and perseverance, someone I would need. I am his helpmate, his compliment. My faith and belief in God’s grace will be his stronghold as our world is shaken.

To the side, I see my son and daughter. They are the oldest and the youngest, each with their own path to follow. My children help each other and together they can weather the storm. They each seek to find the path God has for them. I pray for God to give them the encouragement and strength they need.

On the other side, a little further away, stands my daughter with her husband. The road they travel will test their faith and their love for each other. God has blessed them with perseverance, courage, and a beautiful child.

We can’t see the future

I can’t see the future in front of us. We only know God is with us. He is the one who holds all our tomorrows. God sees the sadness, the hurts, and the brokenness we will face. He also sees the joys, the laughter, and the triumphs coming soon. We can only trust in Him and hold His hand.

The next few years are full of new challenges. We look into the future and wonder again what comes next. The Lord speaks to us and the words we’ve been given are abundance, freedom, redeemed, discover, action, finish, and hope.

In our private devotionals, we feel the urgent need to pray more. And not just pray but to ask for specific requests based on scriptural promises. How do we do this day in and day out? Can we have confidence in our prayers that we are asking in God’s will?

How can I become a prayer warrior?

We can! We can pray the promises God has given us. Last year I offered a free Daily Prayer Guide and this year I’m offering two more Daily Prayer Guides. These help me pray scriptural promises and for protection every day of the week. I use this myself every day to make sure I’m praying in God’s will.

I have an Affirmations Sheet full of scriptural promises to pray daily. These are what God says about us. We are His children and He loves us. He wants us to pour out our hearts to Him and tell Him our hurts and fears. He seeks to heal us and spend time with us.

Pray Specifically JournalTogether with the Pray Specifically Journal, I’ve created a Prayer Strategy Sheet to help organize our prayers and keep track of answered prayers! Because I think prayer is important, my goal is to tithe my time to the Lord. With the Pray Specifically Journal, I’ll be able to keep my prayer closet close to me at all times. Whether I’m working at home or in some other location, I’ll have my Journal to remind me to spend time with God and His word. Be thankful is the first section and I write down all the blessings God has given me today.

The Pray Specifically Journal – launches January 15th!

Because I believe intercession is necessary, I’ve included a section for prayer requests for others, people outside of my inner circle. These people include Christians around the world, authority figures, caretakers in our society, world situations, local government officials, and the strangers we see on the street.

Many times we add a comment on social media that we will pray. Here is a place to record those prayer requests, to add a date, and then to pray for them more than once. This section helps us be faithful to pray and serve outside of ourselves.

Next is the section where we pray for ourselves, our family, our jobs, our finances, and our health. Because God wants to perfect what concerns us. He cares for us.

The date columns are to fill in when we start praying for a specific request and also to fill in when we receive the answer. We know God answers prayers and here we can build our faith by seeing the answers. These are the only dates in the Pray Specifically Journal. Use it and fill it up, then start a new one. However long that takes is up to the individual.

Need help with how to use the Pray Specifically Journal

12 Weeks to change your life through prayerLastly, we listen to the Lord. He reveals things to us as we wait on Him. Here we can record His words to us. We can date those and read them over and over. God speaks to us every day and this section reminds us to listen to Him. What has God said to you today?

As our parents and grandparents age and move on to their reward in heaven, our prayer covering grows thin. We need to step in and be the prayer warriors of this age for our families and the world. Join me this year. Help me fill the gap and pray God’s promises for yourself, your family, for others, and the world.

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