How Do I Bring Jesus into Each Thought?

How Do I Bring Jesus into Each Thought_When I saw this sentence in my friend, Tim Timmons’s email, I knew I had to share it with you! “The problem was that I was always trying to stop them from coming in, instead of letting them through and bringing Jesus into each thought.” Tim is a wonderful worship leader, musician, and Christian. His blog, 10,000 Minutes, is an encouragement to many. This post is entitled, “Are You Worn Out?” and he is talking about allowing silence into your day. When you pray, don’t worry about the thoughts crowding your mind, bring Jesus into each thought!

You can bring Jesus into each thought!

Tim does some pretty amazing things. I signed up for his newsletter and it encourages me every time! He gives me practical, simple changes to make in my life today which help me live all of my minutes for God. And I do those things because they are very simple and easy to implement. One of those simple things to allow silence to exist, by turning off the radio while driving or for us homebodies, turning off the television.

Just this simple thing to do allows God to speak to us and helps us focus on His presence in our lives.

I love reading Tim’s emails and his blog posts. I also love his music. He sings from the heart and allows me to join him in God’s presence. His music can be found here.

Learn more about Tim and the reason for this blog here. I know you’ll love listening to his music and reading his words.

Meanwhile, remember when you pray and feel frustrated about all the thoughts crowding in your head, it’s okay. Just let them in and bring Jesus into each thought. It’s easy, simple, and relaxing.

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