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How to Apply for an Online Writing Job

How to apply for an online writing job such as blogs, articles, rewriting articles,  and e-books. Some of this may apply to other freelance fields such as web design, web programming, web development, administration work, virtual assistant or customer service.As a freelancer, it is up to you to seek out your clients and put your best foot forward with your initial contact. There is a lot of competition in the world of freelance writing. You need to do your homework, act quickly and learn to market your skill set.

Where do I look for jobs?

There are various places to look for online jobs. I have accounts at Elance, GetaFreelancer and oDesk.

    • To look for work on these sites you will need a few days to work on your profile. A profile needs:
    • Your contact information – this includes an email you check everyday and a phone number where they can reach you with the best times to call.
    • An image – a picture of you for your profile.
    • A portfolio – this should be a collection of your work
        • PDFs of sample writing
        • Any images you have created such as banners, logos etc
        • A document with links to your published writing.
        1. Your resume – this would be your most recent work experience, volunteer work, hobbies and interests
        2. List of skills – these are the skills that you have to offer. Some places offer tests to show your abilities. These really weigh with the clients.
        3. Certifications – these are the programs or courses that you have taken that offer certificate of completion, grades, or other certifications.

          Other things to do on the sites to prepare yourself for applying for jobs:

            • Read the forums on the job posting sites to get free tips and ideas on how to apply for jobs or how to watch for good clients.
            • Take the time to check out the prospective employers to make sure they pay.
            • Focus on job niches that you are most qualified for and that are specific for that niche.
            • Keep your profile up to date at least weekly as you finish projects.
            • Explore groups and join one if possible

              When applying for a job remember to:

              • Act fast since first submitters have an edge.
              • Ask for clarification from the prospective client to make sure you understand the project expectations and timelines.
              • Do not pay for the privilege of applying for a job.
              • Be honest – it really does pay.

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