How to Pick Your Next Job

How to pick your next job!Where to start? I know you are thinking it. There are so many options out there, but what can you do? Should you go with the hottest network marketing companies or try a cottage industry or even start writing a blog? Do you want to know how to pick your next job?

My email is filled with network marketing pleas and blog writing, website improvement courses, but what should I really focus on? I believe God put me here for a purpose. I think He has a plan for me. He created me for a certain work and He provides the training and talent to do that work.

First on the list is who are you? What are your personality and your gifts? Do you know what you enjoy and what are you passionate about?

How to pick your next job

I have spent the last several weeks going through 21 Days to Pray for your Business. Going through these might take some time, but if that’s what it takes to make a good decision, a prayerful decision, then go for it. Pay attention to the extra books and videos she mentions. Make this a prayerful journey.

When you come out of this prayer journey you will have an idea of what your passion is and where you want to go. At that point, you can decide where you can go next based on your particular gifts and talents.

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