How to use the video of hymns

How to use the video of hymns

When my mom and I discussed publishing her book, “Sing Me To Heaven,” we decided to release the video my brother, Paul, created for her. He recorded her playing the hymns on the piano and added images and verses to it. You can find the link to the video at the back of the book. But how to use the video of hymns for yourself?

It does require using your phone or computer to play a youtube video. But once you are past that, how do you use music and hymns every day?

How to use the video of hymns

The hymn music is soothing to Dementia patients, especially when they regularly use them in church services. Music enables the mind to pull back memories or feel memories. Listening to hymns brings feelings of peace or calm, reminding their souls of their Savior.

At-home patients 

If your patient is at home with you, having in-home care, you have the opportunity to play a variety of music throughout the day. My dad loved the soft indie country that my daughter’s band recorded. He enjoyed gospel singing, quiet piano playing, and hymns.

Television can be confusing for Dementia patients. My dad didn’t like the news, and toward the end, he became agitated even for “Gunsmoke.” He acted out in the presence of arguments or negative talk.

How to use the video of hymns

My mother noted my father’s most lucid moments when she prayed with him, sang to him, or played hymns. When the patient feels safe and calm, his confusion is less overwhelming.

Nursing home patients 

The nursing home routine can be trying to even the most even-tempered person. For a confused Dementia patient, it can be overwhelming. Constant reassurance and a calm manner prevent escalation in behavior.

A background of soft music can be soothing to anyone. And it helps Dementia patients remain calm. The sounds of dishes clattering or the continuous pleas of other patients create an atmosphere of distress.

All of this is out of the control of the visiting family members. Try to create a routine for your visits. Arrive in time to help feed the patient and keep them company if possible.

After the meal or visiting time, gather around the bed and visit more. Guide the conversation to scripture you have read, and ask them about their Savior and heaven. Coach them with the answers as you would a child.

Spend time in prayer, praying for peace for the family and each family member. This is the time to feel God’s presence and dwell in it.

Then, turn on a tape player, iPod player, or what you have for playing the video as the patient listens and enjoys the hymns.

This little service together brings peace and joy to both of your hearts.

Buy your copy of “Sing Me To Heaven” today and get started using the video yourself!

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