How to write articles for a blog

There are several good articles on how to create good content for a web log, or blog. How to write great blog content, or Write Better from a professional point of view, and some interesting blunt writer tips for Killer Blog Posts.I like to take another approach. I started a spreadsheet not long ago. I’ve been writing my blog for four years now and I finally made a list of potential articles.My spreadsheet shows me what I’ve written about and what I could write about. It gives me ideas when I have run into writer’s block. How do I get my ideas?The ideas are everywhere. They lie in the deceptive peace of a kitten taking a nap just before they rip apart the cushion in the dining room. They wink at me from the sparkling eyes of a small child.The sunshine is bright and the sky is blue but the weather channel says partly cloudy. This brings to mind how often man’s science goes wrong. And how God’s truth brings love.My point is to make your own list of ideas you can write. Look around your life and see the things about which you want to comment. You are the only one with your unique viewpoint. God made you for a purpose. Now write!

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