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I am Hurting and Brokenhearted

Hurting and BrokenheartedAfter a trip to see family, I feel bruised inside. I am hurting and brokenhearted. My parents and my in-laws are getting older. My mother is in good health and prays continually to stay in good spirits. She does the best she can to live a life at peace with God and man.

But it is hard to see my daddy nearly incapacitated with Lewy Body dementia. He can no longer see anything but his hallucinations. His body is frail and he still eats. He enjoys music whether it is my mother singing or the radio playing calming music.

My husband’s mother is fairly well, but her body is growing tired. We count the years we have left with our mothers and wonder where to find the money to fly out more often. Flying half-way across the US is expensive.

Are you hurting and brokenhearted?

Meanwhile, the sorrows of this world around us intensify. Fire rages near us and lives are disrupted, their memories lost. Anger spreads violence during the season traditionally seen as peaceful. The hearts of men need the peace of God. They also need His love and redemption. Even the church pronounces judgement instead of proclaiming the salvation of God.

Lord, in this holiday season, bring Your peace to our hearts. Help our hearts soften toward others and see Your grace and mercy. Show us how to be full of kindness toward those less fortunate with our words and actions.

Bless our leaders, both near and far, and provide wisdom and discernment for them. Soften their hearts toward the poor, elderly, and marginalized. Help them to be true servants of the people.

Protect us and give us safety. Provide homes for the homeless. And Lord, help us to be thankful for all You have given us.

Be with my family and friends during this season, where ever they may be, comforting their hurts, and filling their loneliness.

Psalm 34:17-20 Paraphrased Lord, I need help. I cry to You and You are listening to me. You rescue me from my troubles.

Lord, You are close to the hurting or brokenhearted. You move in close and rescue me when my spirits are crushed.

Even though I face many troubles and feel overwhelmed, You are with me always. You rescue me. You protect even my bones from harm.

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