I lay down to sleep in peace

I lay down to sleep in peaceThe fire rages in the mountains. Homes are burning. People’s lives are in danger. Firefighters prepare for the third night fighting against the flames. Do I go to bed? Do I sleep? How can I? But God: because of Him, I lay down to sleep in peace.

The evacuation areas are adjacent to our neighborhood. The winds have died down. It is night now. My job, as wife, mom, and grandmother, is to be calm. And to pray.

I lay down to sleep in peace

My heart aches for the losses happening here and around the world. It hurts so much. So I pray. And I trust in the God who loves me.

Join with me in praying for those in need, for the hurting people all over the world. Help those who feel lost or alone, fill them with Your presence.

Lord, be with all those aching tonight. Shine Your peace in their hearts. Comfort those who are displaced. Calm the panic. Give reassurance. Let them know Your love.

Psalm 31:2 Turn Your ear to me, and be quick to save me. Be my rock of strength, a strong place to keep me safe.

Psalm 127:2b Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?

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