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My name is Anna. When I meet new people, I usually say, “You can call me Anna-banana.” It often makes them laugh. I love to set people at ease, see them smile, and, if possible, hug them. I enjoy various things: my children, watching ‘blow ’em’ up movies like B-rated disaster movies, my husband, my family, the church, cats, peaceful vistas, and laughter. My first love is Jesus. When I was young, I spent time alone outdoors talking with my Father in heaven and singing songs to him. My joy is to bring God’s love, comfort, joy, hope, and encouragement to anyone in need.

Introducing AP Creations!

For those who love to read Christian fiction, suspense, and a touch of romance, you are invited into the lives of six ordinary women. Each one experiences danger and romance as they grow closer to each other and closer to God. Follow their paths through God’s love, the trials and sufferings of this world, prayer, serving, and finding purpose in this life. Their support of each other is demonstrated in each book. A companion Bible Study Workbook allows you to follow the women through the lessons in their Bible study. Work it alone or with a group of friends.

For those who want non-fiction, devotional-type books, try my AP Creations Devotions. Here you will find devotional posts covering various topics, from parenting, grandparenting, dementia to intercessory prayer and hope in God. The devotional series, Driving with Anna, comes from the posts contained in this blog, written during my children’s teen years. And as we all grew older, my Father and father-in-law developed dementia. I also wrote the original blog posts for the book, Be Strong and Courageous, a six-month devotional featuring Joshua 1:1-9 and hundreds of other verses to encourage you.

For bloggers, authors, and business women:

For those interested in working at home and all that entails, click on the website in progress, Helping Women Stay Home. Of course, you don’t have to be a woman or even have young children. Working for yourself or quitting your commute sounds excellent to almost everyone. I’ve worked from home since I was pregnant with my oldest. But I had to reinvent myself, and technology changed so much in ten years. I felt alone and confused. So I hope this website will help others find responsible ways to find their purpose, earn money, and stay home.

If anyone is working on a WordPress website or wants to build one, You can find WordPress tips here. I love helping others with issues and making sure their pages work.

Are you an indie author? Try the AP Creations Publishing section if you are interested in more indie publishing tips and how-tos. My family is filled with authors. My grandmother self-published several poems, family history, and scripture songs. I’m working with my mother to republish these books for her great-grandchildren. My mother is finishing her second book of devotions. I’m excited to help her publish her books.

Personal Experience with allergies and essential oils

Try Then What Can I Eat for those with Food Allergies or interested in living a chemically free home life, try Then What Can I Eat? Here I’ll add our recipes, meal plans, and struggles we have in preparing food for various allergies and conditions. My own story started over five years ago when my blood test showed allergies to wheat, corn, soy, egg whites, sesame seed, walnuts,  and peanuts. I’m not gluten-free so much as wheat, corn, and soy-free. Finding foods to eat has been a challenge. Learning to read labels has been a process. It’s incredible how many processed foods have something I cannot eat. My life changed drastically when my grandson was born with eczema and a dairy/egg allergy. My daughter researched everything. Suddenly my concern was to find foods she could eat that wouldn’t affect her breastmilk. Again the challenge of finding foods we could all eat.

Click on the other websites and explore them. I pray for you to find the encouragement and hope you need today and tomorrow.

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