Introducing Anya, The Prophetess

Anya The Prophetess The Empath Stories

If I’m introducing Anya, The Prophetess, I’m also reviving the other Empath stories. Anya is the first book but not the first story. Her story involves the lives of the many she touched.

As the main character of this story, Anya grows in her faith and strength in the Creator. She matures in her relationships. And she discovers love.

Introducing Anya, The Prophetess

Her friendship with the Hunter becomes a strong partnership. She learns to lean on the Creator and experiences loss.

When she is faced with the unknowable, the Creator provides. And when she needs to show strength, the Creator supplies it. She leans on the Pembas to help her understand her position.

Pembas Worship the Creator

My favorite character group is the Pembas. A Pemba is a large jaguar-like creature with a soul and a mission. Pembas worship the Creator and teach His ways. They are large enough for a slight adult to ride upon but as stealthy as a cat on the hunt. Many fear the Pemba, but the joy of knowing one intimately is a privilege for only a precious few. Pembas are loyal, protective, and fierce and can be trusted with an infant.

Seekers search for the Creator in all things

The Seekers are an interesting group. The prophetesses come from the Seekers and are marked from birth as to their position. But all Seekers have their time of lament, a time of sorrow and loss of innocence. Their Seeker powers arrive on their sixteenth birthday, and they finally hear the thoughts of those around them. It is not a joyful thing but a huge responsibility. Some thoughts are too awful to know, and some too private.

Join Anya on her journey through her lament to her new position of power. Praise the Creator with all of Windware.

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