Introducing Charlie Finds a Home

Charlie Finds a New Home

Years ago, before any children, my husband and I adopted a cute kitten. We lived in a small town in Oklahoma and were able to find kittens for free on a local farm. Finally, I am introducing Charlie Finds a Home as the beginning of the Charlie Books series.

Charlie was always adorable. He taught me not to leave my food unguarded. He excelled at shoving plates off of TV tables with his tail. He did bring a mouse in one afternoon. My honey was sitting on the floor at the time.

Introducing Charlie Finds a Home

Charlie spent the first few hours under a blanket. He played hard and would pass out anywhere. As the first cat for newlyweds, Charlie brought joy to our lives.

The Charlie Books series consists of several stories like this one that are written at about second-grade level. They also include picture books like I Am a Medieval Cat and chapter books in The Adventures of Charlie and Ginger.

I can finally publish these books I’ve dreamed of for so long. I hope you enjoy them!

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