Introducing Gratitude Goals Affirmation Journal

Gratitude Goals Affirmations Journal

Feeling grateful isn’t just for November. We give thanks daily for what God has done for us. Sometimes we forget why we should thank God. And that’s why I’m introducing Gratitude Goals Affirmation Journal.

This affirmation journal is filled with statements that are true. Based on the verses from the Gratitude Restorer of Streets Verse Calendar and the subtopics in the Gratitude Daily Prayer Guide, each affirmation is scripturally sound. You can find the Verse Calendar and Daily Prayer Guide on the Get Freebies page. Get access here.

The subtopics I found for the Gratitude Daily Prayer Guide are below.

  • Every Day – Give thanks to God for who He is
  • Sunday – Give thanks for who I am in Christ
  • Monday – Give thanks to God for His Presence
  • Tuesday – Give thanks to God for answered prayers
  • Wednesday – Give thanks to God for His provision
  • Thursday – Give thanks to God for His path for me
  • Friday – Give thanks to God for others
  • Saturday – Give thanks to God by serving others

How do we give thanks in everything?

We know who God is. We know who we are in Christ Jesus. We breathe in His presence. We see around us answered prayers. We trust God for His provision. We listen for God’s path for us. We look for God in the people we meet. And we serve God by serving others with thanksgiving in our hearts.

The Gratitude Goals Affirmation Journal of one of the topics I’ve compiled in the Topics Affirmation Series. See more topics here. Ready to check out the Affirmation Journal for yourself? Get the Kindle, 5×8 or 8×10 paperback here and get the fillable PDF here.

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