Introducing Poetry and Gospels

Poetry and Gospels: Emily's Bible Reading Plan and Journal
Poetry and Gospels: Emily’s Bible Reading Plan and Journal

In researching book 5 of Emily’s Cat Mysteries, I wanted the new reading plan and journal that Emily would use. So I created the Poetry and Gospels for you( and me).

This journal contains mostly poetry and chapters from the gospels. A few letters from the New Testament and the book of Ruth are included. The book of Revelation also is part of this volume.

Do you like journaling your prayers? I do. What would having a journal with a built-in Bible reading plan be like?

  • Read the Bible chapter in the version of your choice. Then write down your favorite verse or phrase.
  • Apply the verse to your life. Write down your thoughts and prayers.
  • There are no dates, so you won’t feel guilty if you miss a day. However, there are 365 chapters to read in each book.

    In the Emily’s Cat Mysteries series, the main character, Emily, uses a journal for her daily Bible reading.

    Read Poetry and Gospels with Emily now!

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