Introducing Prayer Books

Morning Prayer

I am introducing prayer books, and some are being reintroduced. Older books are the Daily Prayer Guides and Pray Specifically Journal. The new books are Daily Prayer Guides and Scriptural Affirmations by Topic.

Evening Prayer

You can see below the new prayer book guide, which I am writing primarily for myself. It is a compilation of a Daily Prayer Guide, Morning and Evening Prayers, a list of Jewish Prayers, definitions of the different types of prayers, and more. The morning and evening prayers are meant to be memorized. This allows me to say these prayers as I wake up and as I close my eyes at night.

Scriptural Affirmations by Topic
Scriptural Affirmations by Topic

Scriptural Affirmations by Topic is a compilation of several topics and their affirmations. After creating the Daily Bible Guides, I pick out 100 affirmations from the prayers. These were used in the Goals Affirmation Journals series. I created this book for those not inclined to make lists or journals.

Daily Prayer Guide Volume 2
Daily Prayer Guides Volume 2

Daily Prayer Guides Volume 2 is a compilation of the Daily Prayer Guides. The topics included are Finish, Gratitude, Compassion, and Hiding Place. You can download these prayer guides individually here.

See below for new volumes as I finish a few more topics. Each topic includes a Verse Calendar with 31 verses. This allows you to use the calendar in any month. In the calendar, there is a chart to promote memorization and meditation.

Along with the calendar is the Daily Prayer Guide. I use the 31 verses to create subtopics. The first topic is centered on protection and is for every day. The following seven subtopics match the days of the week. I then search scriptures under each subtopic. Then, I rewrite the verses into prayers.

I create the affirmations from those prayers, knowing they are scripturally sound. I am confident my prayers are God’s will for my life.

Daily Prayer Guides

The original Daily Prayer Guides book contains the prayer guides I wrote over the last fifteen years. It includes prayer guides written during the pandemic and the powerful prayer of a pastor praying for his flock during the tumultuous summer of 2020.

Pray Specifically Journal

Several years ago, I created the Pray Specifically Journal and introduced a class utilizing the journal. It contains topics with verses and pages to record your prayers.

There are extras with this journal and even more extras with the class. The class is about the cost of the ebook. You can find those on the freebies page.

I hope you enjoy the books, and I pray your day is blessed with prayer.

Daily Prayer Guides

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