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Introducing The Detective

It’s finally published! I’ve had this book sitting in my edit pile for five long years. But I finally brought it to you. I’m introducing The Detective, and it is available now!

Five years ago, I fell into a severe depression. I had given so much and had so many shocks to my system that I could not keep going. I just stopped.

How could a Christian get depression? That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure if I could have avoided it entirely, but I’m reasonably sure I had warning signs. I just didn’t pay attention. I’ve always been the “Sure! I can do that!” person.

But didn’t God warn me? Yes, He did. In 2013, my life started changing. For seven months, I created the Be Strong and Courageous devotion with so many promises of God’s protection. Somewhere in there, I lost a brother, a nephew, my dad and father-in-law to dementia, then my husband’s dad, then my husband’s job, my home, my home church, and my identity to some extent.

God spoke to me again and asked me to spend an hour every day with Him in prayer and reading His word. And I failed at that. I worked over 40 hours a week, remodeled my home, sold it, bought two houses in two different places, remodeled the one I would live in, moved my kids, and filled up my pickup with the rest. I bought appliances, changed the internet, and managed the utilities for both homes. And I managed to write several books. But John’s story got lost at the end.

Introducing the detective – John’s story

I ignored all the prayers, scriptures, and promises I poured into my books. I just needed to get one more thing done. Then the family crises hit, a hospitalization, a death, a breakup, the loss of pets, and worry for my children overwhelmed me, and I tried to do it for them. Until I hit a wall, and everything stopped.

John’s story is about a man doing his job but in the midst of all that entails; he loses faith in God. His struggle to deal with the awfulness of humankind and reconcile all that with a God who loves him is the book’s point. When he meets Penny, he begins to see beauty in life again. He meets all these people involved with Planted Flowers Bible study while he works to figure out the mystery behind the crimes.

And then there is Jerome. You must meet this fish. He has a personality and strong opinions. He’s not afraid to express his views. I can’t wait for you to meet him.

As for me? I struggled, and I’m on medication. I’ve written several Daily Prayer Guides and Affirmation Journals as my Bible study. And I worked on writing my fiction. Finally, God said, you like cats. Write something fun. He showed me another author based in Europe doing just that! And with my mom’s permission, I named my heroine after her. Although my mom is not a cat person, she still likes the books. And Emily’s Cat Mysteries were born.

I still struggle. I work to limit my exposure to too many people. Traveling is difficult. Family gatherings are draining. Doctor appointments are piling up. (Do I have to?) But daily, God gives me new promises and strengths I can’t claim as my own. And you know what? That’s okay.

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