Introducing The Search for Norm

The Search for Home: Home Sweet Home

Introducing “The Search for Norm: Home Sweet Home,” Book 6 of the Emily’s Cat Mysteries. What I love about this book is the sense of home that reverberates through the story. Everyone longs for home.

Pete just wants to go home. Norm wants to go home. Joe wants Norm home. (Who names their dog Joe?) Lucas wants to be home. Leo wants to go home. And on and on it goes.

Norm is the new neighbor that moved into Tiny’s old home. He is excited to live in the same neighborhood as his veterinarian or at least his veterinarian’s girlfriend. The realtor sold him the house based on the friends he could make.

Introducing The Search for Norm: Home Sweet Home

Jeffrey and his friends have a tough time with the dog, Joe. He crashes into their house and demands their help. But he won’t talk to cats. That’s beneath him.

Joe is an Akita breed from Japan. They are big and bouncy dogs who love their humans. They don’t see the need for other animals, though. In Japan, Akitas are famous for their dignity, courage, and loyalty. They are large dogs with broad heads and full curled-over tails. Akitas are quiet, clean, and often intolerant of other animals. But they share their silly, affectionate side with humans. Protecting their humans is hardwired in Joe.

Pete and Mike

Pete and Mike are an interesting pair. Pete talks constantly. Mike is always saying shut up. How the pair came to be working together is a mystery. However, it works in Norm’s favor since he can hear what they say most of the time.

Leo goes home

Leo’s new home is finally ready for him. But Randy is still weak. It will take Jed and Lucas to help Leo get to his new place.

Does this book sound fun? It was a treat to write it. It does end in a cliffhanger, though. Sorry about that. But Book 7 is already outlined and ready to start. Get The Search for Norm now!

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