Introducing The Wolf and The Leopard: Going Home

The Wolf and The Leopard: Going Home
Book 5

The Wolf and the Leopard: Going Home” is the eagerly anticipated next book in the beloved animal mystery series “Emily’s Cat Mysteries.” Join Jeffrey and Emily as they embark on an exciting new journey to help their furry and feathered friends. This time, they face a daunting challenge: keeping a precious leopard safe from harm. The stakes are high, and with the help of a diverse menagerie of animals, our heroes must use all their wit and resourcefulness to succeed.

The neighborhood has many things going on. Will Fen and Chun continue to do okay? What does Robbie say to make the kittens upset? The Wolf and the Leopard: Going Home is a heartwarming and action-packed tale of friendship, adventure, and the enduring bond between animals and humans – a must-read for fans of cozy mysteries.

Introducing The Wolf and The Leopard

Sometimes a book will reflect the author’s life, and while I didn’t have a leopard, wolf, monkey, peacock, or baby mountain lion cub in my backyard, I did see a roadrunner. That makes twice now I’ve seen a roadrunner. I wonder if his name is Pedro. He had to leave quickly; a hawk was following him around. And the crows here are bigger than a roadrunner.

My grandson looked out the window and spied the roadrunner. By the time I got up, he was fleeing the yard. Meanwhile, the wolf and the leopard fall into hard times. After being rescued from the would-be rescuer, they arrive home in time to meet Leo’s new caretakers. Before they can take a breath, the shooting begins, and the chase is on.

This was by far the most fun I’ve had yet. On to book six, which is, The Search for Norm. And then the exciting book seven. I hope you enjoy the book!

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