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Introducing Violet Says Goodbye

Violet Says Goodbye: Holiday Love

What kind of holidays did you celebrate at the end of 2020? The promise of vaccines helped some to ignore precautions. They gathered the same as usual. And the surges of infections only grew more.

Our family worked hard to follow the rules until my husband and I could get our vaccines in late March and early April. That made Thanksgiving and Christmas small celebrations. My daughter dropped by with her boyfriend, and he asked for our blessing. Then he proposed to her on a hike sometime later.

My grandson survived the first half of first grade doing school online. My daughter continued teaching high school math online at the same time. We only visited with each other outside.

It was a time fraught with sadness, fear, and joy. Life went on; for some of us, for others, the grief was too much. Emily and Lucas spent the year helping others. They were grieving for their own families but made time to help their neighbors and some strangers.

The holidays brought some things to light, feelings for each other and new relationships. Even the cats discovered stuff about love and forgiveness. A mother’s love is strong.

Enjoy the holidays with Emily and Jeffrey. Join the crew as they celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Love is all around as neighbors, friends, and families cope with Covid, violence, and uncertainty. The world keeps changing, but one thing remains clear, Jeffrey and Emily have a home together.

The kittens are impatient to grow up and find their humans. And Violet says goodbye.

Read Violet Says Goodbye: Holiday Love, Book 4 of Emily’s Cat Mysteries, where Emily and Jeffrey each learn to trust in a dark world.

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