Jake Talks to Violet

Jake talks to VioletJake looks down at the tiny young teacher in front of him. The depth of passion in her eyes and voice take his breath away. “Let me get this straight in my head, okay?” Jake shakes his head to clear it. “You have a student you are concerned about, but you haven’t written him up before now because you are worried about his parents?”

She shrinks back slightly and Jake regrets his harsh take. According to the school nurse, she has tried several avenues for helping the family. She tried a parent meeting that didn’t go well.

She lifts her chin and Jake adores the move. “His parents were very cooperative a few months ago. In the last few weeks, my student showed multiple symptoms. But his parents wouldn’t budge.” She looks down at the floor. “I know I should have started the paperwork before now.”

Jake talks to Violet at the hospital

Jake watches her hands fidget with her purse. He takes her arm and pulls her into an empty waiting area. “I can’t do anything about before now. We can try to fix the forms, but we have to protect this little boy now.”

Jake looks up as a familiar face passes in the hall. He cringes when Ramon signals to him. He looks back at Violet who hasn’t missed the exchange. “I have to talk to the police about this.” Violet pulls back and stands tall as if ready for battle. “Don’t worry, I’ll see what I can do. Why don’t you go to his room now and check on him?”

Violet nods and rushes from the room glaring at Ramon as she passes. Ramon grins and shakes his head. He walks into the room with Jake and punches him in the arm. “She’s cute. I’ve seen her with Lily.” He stops and slaps his fist into his hand. “She’s the teacher with the hurt little boy, right?”

Jake nods. “Yes, she is. And she hasn’t filled out the forms yet.”

“John isn’t going to like that.” Ramon glares at Jake. “You’ve got to get her to fill them out now. John will be here any second.” He sighs. “And there he is.” He glances at Jake. “Tough break on the cute teacher, though.”

Opening his mouth to ask why Jake stops as John walks into the room. John looks around and shakes his head. “We need a more private room to talk.”

Find out more about Jake and Violet in the third book of Planted Flowers, Violet.

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