Join my Prayer Team for Anna K Payne, the Writer

Join my prayer team for anna k payneWould you like to pray for me? I’m struggling as a writer and businesswoman to balance writing, expenses, and life. I need help and the guidance of the Lord. Join my prayer team for Anna K Payne, the Writer!

In the next two weeks, I’ll finish two of the most important books I’ve written this year. The Pray Specifically Journal and How to Find Compassion. I believe these books will challenge the hearts of woman and men across the world. Check out my latest book, Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook!

Join my prayer team!

Join with me as I pray through decisions, emotional struggles, and the holidays to keep on schedule and be productive! Then stay with me as I search for my theme for next year. I spend hours meditating on scriptures and praying as I listen to God show me His plans for the new year!

Follow along with me and find your theme for 2018! And we will step out into the future holding God’s hand in confidence!

And the best part is I can communicate more often with you about what you need prayer for too! Join my prayer team today!

You will:

  • Receive an email once a week
  • Be asked to pray for me and my prayer requests or guidance
  • Send me your prayer requests so we can journey together

Thank you for your prayers!

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