Lawnmowers and my son growing up

I have the lawnmower and edger in the back of the car. Had the really interesting experience of having my 21 yr old son helping me put the lawnmower and edger into the back of the van. We had to take out the seat. He informed me we needed to do that. Then he was telling me what to do to help him.

After so many years of me telling him how to help me, he is now taking charge of things and letting me help him. He is really growing up. You know your children are really growing up when they start telling you what to do and you bow to their expertise.

At work he does tell me what to do, because he is the packaging expert and I’m just the customer service person who occasionally helps him out. He’s the one that knows how to do all the packaging and tells me how to do things.

He can also do everyday things that I used to guide him in doing, how to do this, how to do that, careful with that. He can do it all by himself now. He is becoming a man. It is a little shocking. But gratifying too. Excuse me while I shed a tear.

So I’m on my way to the lawnmower repair shop with the lawnmower and the edger. The edger is broken but the lawnmower just needs maintenance. The guy said he had a week’s backup so my husband has a good excuse not to do the lawn for a week. When I got to the lawnmower shop, the man took my name and told me that they should be done by Saturday. He’s open until 1pm. I told him that my husband was going to be sorry to hear that. He enjoyed a good laugh.

So, enough of the lawnmower story until I pick them up.

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