Living with Grandchildren!

mother to child living with grandchildrenThe last few days have been hard on my daughter and son-in-law as they dealt with an allergic reaction my grandson had. It was a quick trip to the pharmacy and a quicker trip to urgent care. He had never had dates or cashews but he reacted quickly to it. It is scary living with grandchildren.

Living with grandchildren is wild and fun

Watching my daughter panic was not reassuring but she took control and did what she needed to do. When he finally started breathing better and cried loudly, she started crying in relief. For hours her face was flushed and my heart hurt for them both.

Both parents stayed close to home the next few days and watched over little Chi. He looks great and acts like nothing happened. I’m glad for that. The rest of us are a little worn out and cautious still.

The house is filled with toys strewn from room to room and I’m behind on things I need to do. But that is what happens when you are living with grandchildren. Multi-generational homes are active and full of love. I love it!


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