“Marshall watched in horror as two men grabbed Camellia’s legs”*

Camellia Book 4 Planted Flowers“How many words have you done?” The question many #NaNoWriMo participants ask each other. Sometimes it is done with pride. It’s been a good week and they are proud of their word count. Sometimes it is done for reassurance. Life happened this week and writing time was hard to find. Whatever the motive, these are the things we look for in each other.

One of the things I enjoy about #NaNoWriMo is spirit of encouragement. Everyone I’ve spoken to desires to reach their goal but they also want to help others if they can. Even if that encouragement is a simple word, “Great!” or “Wow!”

This is my first year in the Santa Clarita valley.  We don’t have a municipal liaison here at this time. After finding a few local writing buddies and seeing how nice they are, I might volunteer. In south Orange County, we had a weekly write in at a local coffee place. I met some folks. I helped by bringing recyclables for donations. I didn’t talk much but enjoyed knowing that I was hanging with people who had like minded goals. We were there for encouragement and to write! I would like to help out in my new community.

How many words have you written this week? How will you give back to #NaNoWriMo? nanowrimo.org

*As for the title to this post, this is an example of my characters developing the plot without me. I’ve read about characters doing that but this is the first time I’ve had it happen to me. The two men were not a part of the original thought for this scene. But after it was written, it seemed to fit better with everything. I learn something new all the time.


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