Morning and Evening Prayer


I give thanks to You, O Lord God Almighty, for You have given me this new day. Renew my heart with Your strength and purpose. Forgive me of my sins and cleanse my soul.

As the sun rises, Your hope rises within me. As the birds sing, Your love flows out of me. As light floods the earth, Your joy shines through me. I drink in this moment of Your peace. Thank You for the rest that renews my body and spirit. Renew my soul with faith in You.


Lord, lay me down in Your peace and safety and raise me again in life. Spread over me Your peace. Direct me with Your good counsel. Your salvation surrounds me. Your righteousness upholds me.

You shield me from every enemy, pestilence, sword, famine, and sorrow. Remove adversaries from around me and shelter me under Your wings. You are my Guardian, my Salvation. You are a gracious and compassionate God and King. You guard my going out and coming in for life and peace.

Morning and Evening Prayer
AP Creations

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