Mother’s Day Bag

I was getting my hair cut this evening when a lady came in to get a gift certificate for her grandma. “Just make it $20 because it is going to go into her Mother’s Day bag,” she said. And my mind took off.

If I lived near my mom, what could I get her in a bag? If I could make my own gift basket, what would it have in it for my mom?

I think I might get mom a gift certificate or two, but not for the hairdresser. I would get it for more necessary things, like books and music. I would know where Mom shopped for books and I would get her a gift certificate there so she could buy lots of books without paying for shipping. And because I wouldn’t be shipping the gift basket, I would add in the money I normally pay for shipping to turn it into more books! (Because my mom loves to read and learn.)

I think I might get a plant, but what would be more fun, would be to grow a plant from a seed or bulb and get it to bloom at around Mother’s Day and then put that in the basket. Then every time I would tend to the plant, I would think of mom and her face when she receives it. And I would pray for her too.

I think I might get a basket, but who really uses all of those baskets that people send? It just seems like another place to pile things. That’s something my mom and I are trying NOT to do, since we are flying with flylady.net We spend a lot of time de-cluttering instead. I would like to have the items stay together, but how to wrap them up without damaging things but also without the usual basket?

How about a new towel in matching colors for her new bathroom? Since I live near Mom, then I would know what all her latest plans for decorating are and what colors she would like. And it would be fun to get her matching towels, and maybe a new bathroom trashcan to go with it?

And then, I would make her a card with pictures of her grandkids, whom she sees all the time, since I live near Mom.

But I don’t live near my Mom and I send her flowers or plants from a florist nearby. And hope she knows how much she means to me. She is still my inspiration and my goal for my life. I may do different things in different ways, but I still work hard at loving my kids and my husband, working for others and giving of myself, and loving God and sharing Him with others, and mostly? Hoping to set an example my kids will want to “grow up to be” someday.

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