A New Kind of Women’s Bible Study

A new kind of Women's Bible StudyA new kind of women’s Bible study has emerged. It has suspense, action, danger, and romance. But more importantly, it builds relationships with God and then with others as you learn who God is.

How is this Bible study different?

It shares stories from six women as they journey through the Bible study together. Each woman has her own story to share.

Lily, a lonely divorcee who feels unloved and unwanted. Pregnant by her ex-husband, she learns how much God loves her in spite of the dangers she faces.

Iris leads a controlled life. Even her job is about managing the public image of the company where she works. Iris learns she can hear God through prayer. And she begins to gain trust in God and others.

Violet is a young, determined woman. She is not bold but yearns to speak out for God. Through prayer and leaning on God, she becomes able to pray for a student’s parent.

Camellia models for a living, but she hates it. Her parents have forced her to work for them for years. She finds her purpose and mission in life through the Bible study. She learns of her spiritual gifts and how to use them.

A new kind of women’s Bible study

Jasmine searches for a job after her husband leaves her. Her family is broken, and she has no skills. In the Bible study, she finds friends, support, and a purpose for her life. She learns to serve God and others from a giving and pure heart.

Rose flees from her abusive boyfriend and tries to begin again. Torn between the need to get well and the depressing loss of time, she fights her way back. Rebuilding her life will take time, and her new friends gather together to support her.

Daisy is the woman who leads them. She prays for them and loves them.

Each woman lives in danger. As you read the stories, you work the Bible study.

You learn:

  • How much God loves us.
  • The importance of prayer and listening to God.
  • To hear God and walk in boldness.
  • Your spiritual gifts and how to defeat Satan.
  • To serve with the heart of the Savior.
  • To trust people and God with your life.

The Bible study itself doesn’t assume any Bible knowledge or how to live the truths within. It starts with the premise that God loves us and treasures us. It builds on that love teaching us how to live our lives. We learn our purpose here in this world in this season of our lives.

A new kind of women’s Bible study will help you gain the support you need!

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