New Website Feature: Daily Prayer Section

Have you downloaded Daily Prayer Guides before but had trouble using them daily? Were they always in the next room, or not handy when you wanted to pray? Check out the new Daily Prayer section!

daily prayer section

I am introducing the Daily Prayer app. You can’t download it in an app store. But is a link to the Daily Prayer Guides section that I am building.

Currently, we have the Original Daily Prayer Guide, then the topics of Hiding Place, Grace and Mercy, and Hope, so far. Also included is the Morning and Evening Prayer page for a short prayer when you wake up or lie down to sleep.

All Daily Prayer Guide topics, including Gratitude, Peace, Rest, and more, will be available soon.

How do you get an icon for your home screen?

On your Android phone or tablet, you can go to any page on the website, scroll up, and the Daily Prayer has an install dialog. Click on Install, and it adds a link to the Daily Prayer on your home screen. Now you have a prayer guide at your fingertips.

For the iPhone or iPad, it is even simpler. Again, go to any page on the website, find the share button, scroll down, and find the “Add to Home Screen” option. Click that, and it adds the icon to your device.

For more information, check out the bottom of the daily prayer page.

Add prayer guides to your phone or tablet, and pray more often wherever you are! Using these scripturally based daily prayer guides, you have confidence in your prayers.

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