Packing to Travel Home for the Holidays

Packing to Travel Home for the HolidaysLeaving my routine and comfortable schedule at home to travel to see extended family fills me with anxious worries and excitement. I love to see family, but I can’t always eat food in airports or restaurants. Finding organic, non-gmo foods is a challenge. Keeping my routine of essential oils, DIY soaps, and snacks entails serious packing tricks.

I’ve made two short trips since I started my cleansing routine as it is now. I experimented with what I could leave out or how much I would use. Now I’m ready for a two week trip during the holidays.

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I’m packing to travel home

First I need travel size bottles to bring apple cider vinegar in small portions. I use the vinegar to rinse my hair which leaves it shiny, soft, and easy to comb out wet.

DIY Body Wash

I use a mixture of unscented castile soap and glycerin to create a body wash for myself. I add essential oils for different purposes: Purification to reduce odors; lavender and frankincense for calming and skin care; rosemary to reduce itching; and oregano to disinfect. I use the body wash as a shampoo also. With the vinegar, I don’t need conditioner. I shampoo my super curly, frizzy hair once or twice a week.

I use wintergreen essential oil in alcohol to refresh my underarms after a bath. It fights odor. I’d like to take baking soda with me, but I can easily buy that at a grocery store or drug store. I love using baking soda in the bath to exfoliate and reduce odor.

I haven’t graduated to a DIY deodorant yet. I’m hoping to add that next year. But I use a deodorant from Young Living.

Supplements infused with essential oils

What I use to support my digestive system is a combination of essential oils, Ningxia juice, and bone broth. I have also started drinking a new tea, Machta, which is a strong green tea with twice as much caffeine as regular green tea. This tea helps reduce my appetite and keeps me going. I started this tea as my new cholesterol medication requires me to stay completely away from grapefruit.

At home, I use Ningxia juice with Mineral Essence and a couple drops of lemon and tangerine oils. After the juice, I drink a serving of bone broth. I find using warm water helps it dissolve in the water. Then I’m ready for my tea.

Since I’m allergic to corn, the only sweetener I can use that is a powder is this one. It contains no fillers.

What to pack my things in!

Now that I’m ready to pack, I’ll use these travel bottles, although these look pretty cool. I just purchased the same purse I bought last year. It was finally slightly ragged after a full year of use and totally worth the under $20 price tag! It has pockets galore, small side pockets to stash Fennel oil, to reduce stomach cramps and separate compartments for snacks.

A tote bag is pretty useful, since I might want to take a refillable water bottle with me. And it’s great for holding water and snacks after I’m through security at the airport.

Being a writer, I take my laptop with me most places. I bought this laptop bag last year. Other than the pretty pink color, I am able to fit my 17.5 inch laptop, my notebooks, wires for my phone, ipad, and laptop, as well as a power strip. The straps on the side make it easy to attach it to my rolling luggage.

Buying new luggage is hard to justify when you don’t travel very often. The last time we bought luggage was our trip to Hawaii over 10 years ago. We bought plain black bags then which are very hard to find in the airport. But they do cost less.

My main goal is to stay as close to my routine I do at home. I use a case to carry my essential oils and I’ve created roller bottles with my own essential oils recipes. These along with my supplements and DIY body wash, help me to stay as detoxed as possible.

My favorite brand isn’t always available, but usually I can find uncured ham or organic meat in the local grocery store. And organic fruits and vegetables. But the best part will be hugging family and sharing pictures.

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