The Peace I Find in You

The Peace I Find in YouToday I see the blue sky above the green trees. It is beautiful, Lord. I watch the bright colors of flowers and they are beautiful. Thank you for making the world have beauty to please my eyes.

I see the wind blowing and feel it on my face. When I look at the butterflies flitting through the yard, I feel the sun warming the earth. And I feel the coolness of the clouds as they cover the sun. I hear the sounds of birds singing your praise, and I remember to thank you, Lord.

Yes, I love You, Lord

I look into my family’s faces and I see their individualism. They are precious to You. I rejoice in the variety you give us Lord. Yes, I hear music and enjoy the playing of instruments. I especially love the piano. The beauty of it sometimes moves me to tears. Even small animals I share my house with and insects who frighten or annoy me bear the stamp of your intricate designs. Each has a place here on this earth.

I know there is sin and there is a downfall of man’s morals. People get hurt, and they die. There are destruction and disasters. But there is another place. It is a place you have made for us.

Peace, I find in You

This new place is a home for us without the destruction of this earth. It is a place where we won’t have sickness or broken bodies. We need a place without tears or sorrows. This new place we trust to come soon. It is a place of rest and beauty where we will be with the God we believe in now.

I trust in you today God. I feel the peace you give me as I gaze on the beauty you provided here. And I believe in you for the place coming soon where the vision is greater and is full of peace.

2 Corinthians 5:7 It’s what we trust in but don’t yet see that keeps us going.

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