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Each weekly unit builds on the previous one, leading you in a natural progression towards greater intimacy with God.
This format will plant seeds of faith and help you grow in faith. You will learn to believe in God the Father’s unconditional love for them as an individual and the enormity of His Son’s sacrifice to redeem and save you.

As a group, you will become a more confident Christian as you bond with your newly formed supportive network of people to care and pray for you.


Each month has an overall theme, beginning with “Your Personal Relationship with God,” which explores where you are in your relationship with God, the nature of God and why He loves you.

All themes are supported with paraphrased quotations from Scripture which can be read in different Bible translations on your own.

Month 2: You will learn to hear God and understand the role of the Holy Spirit as you listen to Him teach you how to pray. Join in the discussion about the nature and purpose of suffering and how to trust God to allow Him to fill you with courage.

Month 3: You will explore the daunting issue of “The Enemy’s Plans and God’s Plans.” This will explain how the Devil assails you daily and to fight back with the help of your spiritual gifts.

Month 4: You will discover your mission in life and how closely it is tied in with serving others as Christ did. You will find concrete examples of how to do this.

Month 5 tackles the tricky subject of tithing and suggests a gentle way of easing into the practice if you are not yet in the habit!

In the final month, you are encouraged to share your story. You realize your purpose in God and what it is.

Before parting at the end of the six-month study, you will be encouraged to recognize where you started the journey and where you are now in your relationship with God. This final session ends with a celebration of the progress you have made!

“This guide understands that as we go about our daily lives, it’s important to have friends in Jesus to help us stay on track and walk the narrow path with joy.”

“Supporting the themes with scriptural references, the reader takes a delightful journey from no relationship with God, or a poor one, to achieving closeness with Him.”

“Every step of the way is mapped out with practical guidelines to help the members of the group achieve the peace that comes from fulfilling their purpose here on earth as a child of God.”

“This Bible Study sees God from a loving perspective and will help Christians from all denominations on their walk with their Creator, especially if they regard Him at present as a distant figure. They will be pleasantly surprised to find out who God really is.”


Anna K Payne

Anna K Payne cares about hope, love, encouragement, listening, parenting, individuality, and God’s grace. She looks for ways to inspire hope and listen to hurting women.

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Anna writes for ten blogs centering on inspiring hope, encouraging women, loving richly, and listening well through Christ Jesus.
Anna K Payne says: “In the Planted Flowers series I wanted to show how a group of strangers could grow into a network of support. As each grows closer in their relationship with God, they find their unique purpose in Him.”

Those who have read the Planted Flowers books will recognize the quotations sprinkled throughout the book. They are from the six women in the series and illustrate how following the author’s program can radically change people.