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Christian Suspense Launch Team
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Welcome to the Christian suspense launch team page. Here you can sign up to join my launch team. You can ask to review any of my current works, fiction, non-fiction, the Bible study, and others. You’ll also be offered first look at any pre-release novels as they near completion.

The Detective will be available December 2017.

Crime. Danger. New love.

Meet John, the Detective in charge of a countywide task force. He is calm, confident, not searching to change his life. Until he meets Penny.

Penny is an independent woman full of surprises. As a cellist involved in many musical endeavors, she has a unique source of information for the task force. John needs her expertise but falls in love with her almost immediately. Her first act is to bring him a fish named Jerome.

The Detective is a bridge novel between the Christian Suspense series, Planted Flowers, and Matthew’s Matchmakers. Both series show how trials and dangers bring the characters closer to someone new and to God.

Read how calm, confident John worries for Penny as they develop a relationship amidst danger and crime! 

Join the Christian Suspense Launch Team!

Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook, used throughout the two series, has support at the website including a free membership featuring extra stories of the Planted Flowers world, a forum for online discussion, and downloadable PDFs to use with the study.