Planted Flowers Christian Suspense Series

Planted Flowers series websitePlanted Flowers series website is the home of the Planted Flowers Christian suspense series. Follow the stories as they grow closer to God, find romance and danger, and create a network of support.

The Planted Flowers Women

Lily – a single mother, newly divorced, and pregnant again, struggling to make ends meet, and exploring this whole Christian thing.

Iris – a career woman with a controlled nature seeking to hear God and know His will for her life.

Violet – a young, shy Kindergarten teacher who cares about her students and seeks support in her Christian life.

Camellia – a beautiful, successful model who wants to know God, have friends and give meaning to her life.

Jasmine – a woman going through a separation who needs a job but has no experience and is seeking comfort from God.

Rose – a young woman who meets the wrong man before meeting the right one, struggles with therapy and feels like a failure.

Daisy – the leader of the group who prays for each woman and leads them through the Bible study.

Planted Flowers Christian Suspense series

Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook – the actual Bible study the women use. You can change your life too!

Also, enjoy the members only section where you can create an online Bible study group with your friends or make comments on the book. There’s even a rough draft copy of the new bridge novel, The Detective, hidden away in the members only section.

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