Pray Specifically Journal Workbook – What is it?

Pray Specifically Journal What is it?In my struggles to deal with a chaotic home life, I wondered how I could set up a prayer warrior closet. I don’t have any space to call my own. Virtually every space and room is claimed or shared. But I want to pray! Enters the Pray Specifically Journal Workbook – What is it?

The Pray Specifically Journal Workbook contains scriptures if I don’t have access to a Bible or an internet connection. They are paraphrases I created using five different translations. Dividing the verses into prayers or affirmations, I placed them under various topics. It makes it easy to find what I need for comfort or encouragement. I never need to go without hope in God.

Pray Specifically Journal Workbook – What is it?

One of the problems I have with prayer is focusing on the same requests over and over. I forget to pray for my friends or extended family. And I rarely remember to pray for Christians around the world or leaders even in my own country. I wanted to change and added a section to pray for others.

In each area, I have a column for dates. When I write praises, I want to date those so I can see how God fills my life with joy. Writing prayer requests and when I wrote them allows me to come back and write in when God fulfilled my requests. Talk about a faith-building plan!

After praise and prayer for others, I have pages for praying for my immediate family and myself. I love the way God has been showing me His care for my family.

The last section of the Workbook is where I can write out what I hear God say to me. While these pages may be slow to fill up at first, I trust with practice these pages will grow to be your most precious ones.

Have you tried the Pray Specifically Journal Workbook? Check out the different versions here!

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