Praying with the Daily Prayer Guide

Praying with the Daily Prayer Guide
Click to download your copy of the Daily Prayer Guide!

The Daily Prayer Guide is a resource I use myself to help me pray quickly and scripturally for my family each day. Each day contains verses I have rewritten into personal prayers for my husband, my children, my work, my finances, and more. And I pray the same prayer of protection each day.

Use the Daily Prayer Guide today!

This printable PDF can be downloaded for free. Just follow this link.

Why do I think it is important to pray with scriptures every day? Because when we use Bible verses in our prayers, we are praying the word of God. I know I am praying in line with the will of God because I am praying His promises.

What kind of verses do I use? I’ve rewritten my favorite scriptures which help calm my heart. I use the writings of Paul, especially at the beginning of his books. His prayers are amazing!

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